BFG, The 1989

BFG, The 1989

Voices by David Jason, Amanda Root. (U)


Made by ITV, this animated adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book is delightful, and a must for all fans of the book. Young Sophie (Dahl naming his heroine after granddaughter Sophie Dahl) is abducted from her orphanage by the big friendly giant of the title, who lives in another world and forces himself to eat yucky food instead of the children he should be munching on. He spends nights delivering nice dreams to children, but when he and Sophie return to England, an evil giant who does eat kids follows.

It’s terrific stuff – although some little viewers may be a mite scared when Sophie is first abducted – and as witty and fun as you would expect from a film based on Dahl’s quirky story. The vocal cast are great, too, from Jason as the BFG and Root as Sophie to Angela Thorne as the Queen of England.

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As mentioned above, little ones may find Sophie’s abduction from the orphanage a little scary.

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