The Black Hole

The Black Hole

Starring Maximilian Schell, Anthony Perkins. (PG)


Following the success 20th Century Fox had with Star Wars, two years later Disney did sci-fi with this impressive-looking but silly adventure that features mad scientist Hans Reinhardt (Schell), a crew of robots and, as the title suggests, a supposedly perilous journey into a black hole.

Star Wars fanatics will hate it, as it borrows heavily from the film – there’s even a whiny-voiced robot (voiced by Roddy McDowall) who sounds like C-3PO’s cousin – while everyone else will just be bored as the impressive cast – Perkins, Ernest Borgnine, Yvette Mimieux – wanders around the vast ship on the edge of the black hole, presumably searching for a decent script. 

Star Star


There are a few intense fight scenes but nothing really scary.

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