Maya The Bee

Maya The Bee

Voices by Kodi Smit-McPhee, Richard Roxburgh, Noah Taylor. (U)



Maya The Bee is a popular character in Europe, who began life in a series of children’s stories, comic books and an animated TV show in Germany. Aimed at the very youngest of viewers, this computer-animated movie version is the story of how perky little bee Maya comes to the rescue of her fellow insects when she discovers that nasty Buzzlina Von Beena is plotting to oust the Queen and rule the hive, as well as start a war with the hornets that bees have always been told are evil (they’re not, of course).


It’s all very brightly coloured and cute, though parents may find Maya more annoying than adorable as she sets off to sort out everyone’s problems. Very young viewers who haven’t yet been wowed by slicker and more charming animation from places like Pixar will be entertained, though, and even the most jaded among us will smile as the bees shake their ‘bee-hind’s in a sweet little dance number.



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Very young viewers may be scared during a scene in which bees are told about insects that mean them harm. They may also find the spider scary. A scene in which bats attack (though not much is seen) may also upset very young viewers.



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