Independence Day

Independence Day

Starring Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith, Judd Hirsch. (12A)



The blockbuster sci-fi extravanganza that effectively rebooted the seventies-style disaster movie, this oozes American patriotism from every frame as a bunch of heroes set about saving the world from an alien invasion on July 4th.


David Levinson (Goldblum) is the satellite whiz who picks up a transmission from outer space that doesn’t sound too cheery, so he dashes off to Washington DC to warn President Whitmore (Pullman) that the spaceships hovering all over Earth may not be filled with cuddly ETs but are more likely hostile aliens getting ready to obliterate the planet.


Director Roland Emmerich – who went on to make other end of the world movies such as 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow – packs the movie with humorous actors such as Goldblum, Smith (as the smart-mouthed hero fighter pilot, of course), Robert Loggia and Hirsch (as David’s dad) and plays the action very much tongue in cheek. It’s the special effects that steal the show, of course, as famous landmarks get pulverised by the alien baddies in short order.


Flashy, brash, and funny stuff that’s a must for older kids and grown ups wanting a lot of bang for their bucks.



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This is aimed at older children and adults – younger children may be frightened by the frequent peril the characters are in. There are scenes of people screaming and running from explosions etc, and a dog is in danger at one point.


Younger children may also be frightened by the appearance of the aliens later in the movie.



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