Blinky Bill The Movie

Blinky Bill The Movie

Voices by Ryan Kwanten, Toni Collette, Rufus Sewell, Robin McLeavy. (U)



For those who don’t have toddlers in the house, Blinky Bill is an adorable koala that began life in the stories of Dorothy Wall (the first book was published back in 1933) and later got his own Australian TV series. He’s now got his own CGI feature length animated adventure, aimed squarely at the littlest members of the audience but pretty entertaining for bigger viewers, too.


Blinky Bill’s (Kwanten) adventurer father has been missing for over a year, so our little furry protagonist decides to leave the safety of his home, Green Patch, to go and find him in the Outback without telling his mother. Of course, it’s a far more dangerous place than he had imagined, but he meets some pals along the way – including Nutsy (McLeavy), the pampered zoo koala, and a pair of emus (both voiced by Collette).


It’s a simple story but one that works well, romping merrily along through colourful landscapes that are brightly animated and populated by fun creatures. Little ones will be enchanted by the cute critters and silly jokes, many of which grown-ups will have a chortle at, too. 



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Very young viewers may find the nasty cat scary.


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