Zip & Zap And The Marble Gang

Zip & Zap And The Marble Gang

Starring Javier Gutierrez, Raul Rivas, Daniel Cerezo. (PG)



An old-fashioned kids adventure from Spain (yes, it has subtitles!), this follows brothers Zip and Zap as they are sent away to a strict summer school in the countryside. Punished for the slightest infraction, the boys – along with two new pals – decide to behave during the day but rebel at night, pulling pranks as the Marble Gang, much to the annoyance of the school’s tyrannical boss Falconetti. One of their misdeeds accidentally reveals a treasure map that the boys decide to follow, unaware eye-patched Falconetti is also hot on the trail.


Similar to classic eighties movies like The Goonies and ET: The Extra Terrestrial, this is a fun kids romp where the adults are bad, the kids are good (aside from the one school bully, of course), and grown-ups get their comeuppance. Rivas and Cerezo are terrific as the two brothers, and there are lots of quirky moments, jokes and neat set designs (the school is like a gothic castle, complete with hidden passageways) for viewers to enjoy. Fun stuff.



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Young children (under age 8) may find Falconetti and his staff a bit scary.



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