Molly Monster

Molly Monster

Voices by Jay Simon, Jennifer Wiltsie, Judy Winter. (U)


A feature-length adventure for the German TV character, this brightly coloured animated movie is aimed at the littlest members of the audience.


It’s the story of yellow monster Molly, who lives with her parents and clockwork pal Edison. When her mother has an egg that will hatch into a little brother or sister, her parents have to take it to Egg Island for it to be born, and Molly decides she doesn’t want to be left behind at home. So she sets off on her own adventure, with Edison in tow, and learns a few things – including what it means to be an older sibling – along the way.


It’s very cute stuff for the under-5s, and at just over 70 mins long, it’s a perfect length for a toddler’s first feature length movie at the cinema. Adults won’t find much to amuse them – although Molly’s idiot uncles may raise a snigger – but very little ones will be enchanted by monster Molly and her sweet little adventure.

Note this is a German movie dubbed into English.


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