Casey's Shadow

Casey's Shadow

Starring Walter Matthau, Alexis Smith. (PG)


Lloyd Bourdelle (Matthau) used to be a successful horse trainer, but now every horse he trains ends up a loser. That is, of course, until a new colt – named Casey’s Shadow after one of his three sons – comes along and looks like he might actually be a successful race horse. Soon, rich people are offering the poor Bourdelles money to part with their potential winner, but Lloyd is determined to enter the horse in a prestigious race, even if the poor creature is injured.

The problem with this horsey adventure is that the lead human characters just aren’t very likeable. Matthau’s Lloyd is a boozing grump while youngest son Casey (Smith) is just irritating – in fact, the only one who’s remotely nice is poor Casey’s Shadow himself. One for equine fans only. 

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