Starring Dennis Quaid, David Thewlis. (PG)


Bowen (Quaid) is a disenchanted knight who roams the countryside aimlessly until he teams up with the last of the great dragons, Draco (voiced by Sean Connery). The pair con locals by performing a fake dragon-slaying act on villages, until their consciences get the better of them and they realise there is a greater foe – King Einon (Thewlis), whose life Draco once saved but who now rules the kingdom harshly.

A fun old-fashioned yarn about knights, honour and adventure, this is a terrific romp for everyone involved – Quaid is deliciously gruff, while Connery’s mannerisms are expertly captured in the face of the 18ft-high dragon. The film features nice supporting performances from Jason Isaacs and Pete Postlethwaite (as a monk with a penchant for bad acting) and a menacing one from Thewlis as the evil king (perhaps too menacing for very young viewers). It’s not tremendously sophisticated, but there are laughs and adventure to be had (and keep the tissues handy for a weepy moment near the end). 

Star Star Star


As stated above, Thewlis as the king is pretty menacing.

There are also a few intense battle scenes.


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