Freaky Friday 2003

Freaky Friday 2003

Starring Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Lee Curtis. (PG)


A remake of the Jodie Foster 1976 film, with Lindsay Lohan (seemingly the queen of tweenie remakes when she was a kid, having also done Herbie and The Parent Trap) and Jamie Lee Curtis as the daughter, Anna, and mother, Tess, who swap bodies. This time, it is a couple of Chinese fortune cookies that causes fifteen-year-old Anna (a budding rocker) and strait-laced mother Tess to find themselves in each other’s bodies one Friday morning – an event they wish to alter in double-quick time, as Tess is due to marry Ryan (Mark Harmon) on Saturday.

There are a few modern twists that give this movie extra charm – mum is a psychiatrist, meaning Anna in her body has to psychoanalyse some clients, while Tess (in Anna’s body) has to fend off an amorous biker boy (Chad Michael Murray) and perform in a rock audition. Curtis – who hasn’t been this funny since A Fish Called Wanda – is a hoot, Lohan matches her scene for scene, and all in all it’s fun stuff (parents of younger kids should note there are some slightly sexual situations). 

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