Freaky Friday 1976

Freaky Friday 1976

Starring Barbara Harris, Jodie Foster. (U)


Foster’s most famous movie for Disney, this body-swap comedy may be three decades old but it’s still a treat for younger viewers (grown-ups may think it has dated somewhat). Rebellious thirteen-year-old daughter Annabel (Foster) and mother Ellen (Harris) each think the other has an easy life. So when they both wish they could switch places and have the other’s life for a while, the unexpected happens and Annabel finds herself as a middle-aged mother while Ellen gets to experience life as a teenager – if only for one very strange day.

It’s over-the-top stuff (quite how one day can include a car chase and water-ski adventure is a mystery) but there are some nice touches (‘mum’ skateboarding past her bemused husband) and Foster and Harris pull off their impersonations of each other with aplomb. Kids will definitely chuckle. 

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