The Fox And The Hound

The Fox And The Hound

Voices by Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell, Keith Mitchell, Corey Feldman. (U)


Widely considered to be one of Disney’s most lacklustre animated movies, this marked the last collaboration between the original Disney animators and the younger animators who would go on to make ground-breaking movies for the studio in the nineties, like Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.

It’s the story of – as the title hints – a young fox cub named Tod and a puppy named Copper. They become friends, not knowing that when they are older, Copper will be a trained hunting dog and (gasp) Tod will be his prey. Despite that serious plot (which, rest assured, has a happy ending – it is Disney, after all), there are some very twee moments as the pair are growing up and frolicking about, and a sleep-inducing soundtrack of songs. Not one of the studio’s best, but a diversion, perhaps, for younger viewers who have seen all the good Disney animated movies already. 

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Young children may be scared when a bear attacks hunter Amos.

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