Goofy Movie, A

Goofy Movie, A

Voices by Bill Farmer, Jim Cummings. (U)


‘Mickey is a mouse, Donald is a duck, Pluto is a dog. So what’s Goofy…?’ debated Gordie and his pals in Rob Reiner’s movie Stand By Me. Well, the truth may never be known (most people think he’s a dog, but the fact he can drive raises some opposable-thumb questions) but in this movie, Goofy’s all grown up and is (shock horror) a single parent to son Max. Max is a teenager and doesn’t have much time for his ‘square’ dad, so he’s less than pleased when Goofy drags him on a cross-country road trip so the pair of them can bond, especially as Max would rather be drooling over a girl named Roxanne back home.

For a film aimed at very little viewers, the psychobabble bonding stuff seems a little out of place, but there are some simpler, funnier moments too, as when the pair encounter Bigfoot or visit Lester’s Possum Park, a theme park where everything is about possums. It’s certainly not one of Disney’s better animated movies, but it’s cute nonetheless. 

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