Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Starring Harrison Ford, Sean Connery. (PG)


The third Indiana Jones movie, this one is a delight as it introduces adventurous archaeologist Indy’s dad, Professor Henry Jones (played with relish by Connery). Beginning with a terrific flashback to Indy as a boy (as played by the late River Phoenix) that explains the origins of his hat, whip and fear of snakes, the movie then brings us up to date (well, the late 1930s), as Indy (Ford) joins his dad in a hunt for the Holy Grail.

With many of the series’ much-loved characters returning, from bumbling Brit Marcus Brody (Denholm Elliott) to the exuberant Sallah (John Rhys-Davies), some great locations (Venice, Berlin, Egypt), adventures (a Zeppelin ride, a chase on the Venice canals) and bad guys (those nasty Nazis again), this is as enjoyable as the other two movies, and perhaps funnier thanks to the inspired teaming of Connery and Ford as bickering father and son. Terrific. 

Star Star Star Star Star


Scenes involving rats and snakes will scare younger viewers (the film is best viewed by the over-10s).

The scene near the end when the bad guy drinks from the Holy Grail cup (or does he?) may upset children as it’s quite scary.

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