Journey To The Center Of The Earth 1959

Journey To The Center Of The Earth 1959

Starring Pat Boone, James Mason. (U)


A Jules Verne story that has been filmed many times (an alternative worth watching is the 1999 TV version with Treat Williams and Jeremy London and the 2008 remake). James Mason stars as Professor Lindenbrook, who is determined to find the world’s centre by popping down into an Icelandic volcano. There are rival explorers to worry about, but it’s the giant mushrooms and dinosaurs roaming down below that he and his team should really watch out for.

Fans of the Verne novel filled with dank, spooky caves won’t enjoy this colourful adaptation that depicts the centre of the earth as a big sparkly jewel. But kids will like the splendid look of the film and the sense of silly adventure, while adults can laugh at the casting of naff singer Pat Boone as the movie’s ‘hero’. 

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