Starring David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly. (U)


Jim Henson, of The Muppets and Sesame Street fame, directed this fantastical adventure. Sarah (Connelly) is a sixteen-year-old girl, annoyed that she has to look after her younger brother Toby. So she wishes goblins would come and take the baby away… and they actually do. Realising she has to rescue him, Sarah has to bargain with the evil goblin king Jareth (Bowie) – if she can navigate his puzzle-filled labyrinth within thirteen hours, he will give Toby back.

Filled with impressive creatures, this is a jaw-dropping movie to look at, as Henson’s puppets roam the fairy-tale landscapes (Connelly and Bowie are the only ‘humans’ in the film). There’s plenty of adventure (although a masked ball scene slows things down a bit) and scary moments (smaller kids – and mums! – may find the whole idea of a kidnapped baby upsetting to begin with), while adults are more likely to be frightened by Bowie’s naff accompanying soundtrack (including ‘Underground’ and ‘As the World Falls Down’). 

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Although this has a ‘U’ certificate, parents of young kids beware – the under-7s may find the goblins, Jareth and the creepy ratty creatures too scary.

Also, as mentioned above, the idea of a kidnapped tot is upsetting, too. 


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