Starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, Tim Curry. (PG)


This definitely isn’t for kids of every age (if you think The Lord of the Rings is too grown-up for your children, then so is this), but young teens and adults who enjoy mythical adventures should check it out, especially as it is directed by visual genius Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Blade Runner). It’s a strange film that suffers from the miscasting of a young bucktoothed Tom Cruise in the lead as Jack, a young hero living on Earth at a time long ago when unicorns roamed the land. An evil prince named Darkness (Curry) wants to blot out the sun for ever, which he can do if he kills the last unicorns with the help of Jack’s virginal but corruptible love, Princess Lili (Sara).

Beautiful to look at as Tom and Mia frolic in luscious green forests while fairies, trolls and elves pass by, the film gets blacker as Darkness takes his hold and is altogether pretty creepy when Curry appears in full make-up and horns. Often criticised as being an exercise in style over substance – and it is stunning to look at – this is nonetheless an interesting fable, nicely played by Curry and Sara, even if Cruise is awkward throughout. 

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As stated above, this isn’t for young viewers. Older ones may be slightly scared by Tim Curry’s Darkness.

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