Little Big League

Little Big League

Starring Luke Edwards, Timothy Busfield, John Ashton. (PG)


When the owner of the Minnesota Twins baseball team dies, he bequeaths the team to his twelve-year-old grandson Billy (Edwards), who decides to manage the team by himself, much to the consternation of the grown-up players. But it doesn’t take long for Billy to overcome the odds and remind the guys how good it is to play baseball like kids – for fun, rather than for the money. (Maybe this should be remade in the UK about football?)

A simple little baseball film that’s a little sugary for grown-ups, but enjoyable for younger viewers. Of course, British kids won’t recognise the various US baseball stars who crop up and may get bored with the action on the field if they’re not fans of the sport, but there are still entertaining moments to be had as Billy loses touch with his own friends and becomes a bit too grown up himself.

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