Last Flight Of Noah's Ark, The

Last Flight Of Noah's Ark, The

Starring Elliott Gould, Genevieve Bujold, Ricky Schroder. (U)


Many years before he was best known as a tough cop on NYPD Blue, Rick Schroder was a cute, blond-haired child actor (anyone remember his starring role in the TV sitcom Silver Spoons?). Here, he’s cheek-squeezingly adorable as one of two young orphans who stow away on a creaky plane that missionary Miss Lafleur (Bujold) has hired to transport a cargo of animals to a remote island. The pilot, Noah (Gould), has reluctantly agreed to fly her there because he is avoiding a couple of nasty bookies, but when they fly off course and are forced to land in the middle of nowhere, all of them – plus two Japanese soldiers who have been stranded there since World War II and think the war is still on – have to band together to turn the damaged plane into a boat for them and the animals to sail away in.

Unfortunately this isn’t as funny as it sounds, and it’s pretty predictable, too. Very young viewers may find the two kids and the animals cute, but parents should be warned there are some worrisome stereotypes in the depiction of the two Japanese soldiers. Nice Hawaiian scenery, though. 

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