Wondrous Oblivion

Wondrous Oblivion

Starring Sam Smith, Delroy Lindo. (PG)


A cute British coming-of-age drama that’s like a cricketing version of Billy Elliot (but thankfully with less schmaltz). It’s London in the 1960s, and young Jewish boy David (Smith) wants to be a cricketer, much to the puzzlement of his immigrant parents. When a Jamaican family move in next door, David finally gets the encouragement he needs, as neighbour Dennis (Lindo) sets up a net and stumps in the back garden and invites David to play.

There’s a subplot about the racism Dennis’s family is subjected to, and a tentative flirtation between him and David’s young mum (Emily Woof), but this is really a wistful tale of youthful dreams… and cricket, of course.

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