At The Earth's Core

At The Earth's Core

Starring Doug McClure, Peter Cushing. (PG)

A camp seventies sci-fi adventure, based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’s novel, and made by the same producing and directing team behind The Land That Time Forgot. Legendary horror actor Peter Cushing (playing it wonderfully tongue-in-cheek) is Dr Abner Perry (‘You cannot mesmerise me! I’m British!’ he says, just before being hypnotised), who, along with brawny David Innes (McClure), has devised a contraption called the Iron Mole which bores through solid rock. You can guess what happens next.

Adults will snigger as our heroes and their big drill end up in a strange land at the Earth’s centre full of prehistoric creatures and scantily clad cave girls, but boys will love the (unscary) monsters, assuming they don’t notice the wires, while girls will enjoy the hokey romance between macho David and a slave girl (Caroline Munro). Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. But in a good way. 

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