Red Dawn 1984

Red Dawn 1984

Starring Patrick Swayze, C Thomas Howell, Charlie Sheen. (15)


A film that has dated thanks to its anti-Commie politics, which won’t mean much to 21st-century teens watching. They may get a kick out of seeing a group of teens taking on the world – when Soviet forces invade America, these kids, led by Jed (Swayze) band together to become gun-toting guerrillas, defending their little bit of the Midwest.

Yes, it’s as silly as it sounds (think of it as a junior alternative to Rambo!), and violent with it (the film went into the Guinness Book of Records at the time for having the most acts of violence in one movie – 134 in an hour), but it does have an interesting undertone of paranoia and a bleak future that thoughtful viewers may pick up on.

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