The Railway Children

The Railway Children

Starring Jenny Agutter, Dinah Sheridan. (U)


A lovely classic English movie, based on the novel by E Nesbit (Five Children and It). In 1905, the Waterbury family live in comfort until one night when some mysterious men take away father Charles (Iain Cuthbertson), and so mother (Sheridan), with no money to speak of, has to take the children to a ramshackle Yorkshire cottage to live. Once there, the children, who have no idea what happened to their beloved daddy, become fascinated with the local railway and befriend the stationmaster (Bernard Cribbins).

An absolutely gorgeous story about love, loyalty, charity and growing up, this is a terrific adaptation of a much-loved story, featuring sweet performances from Agutter as oldest child Bobbie and Sally Thomsett as sister Phyllis. One of those movies that makes us wish for a childhood we never had and a luscious green-field England that hardly exists any more, this is a must for everyone, as long as you have tissues handy for when Bobbie calls out ‘Daddy! My Daddy!’

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