Tom And Jerry: The Movie

Tom And Jerry: The Movie

Voices by Richard Kind, Dana Hill. (U)


It’s hard to believe, but this really is the first Tom and Jerry feature film (though they did, of course, have a cameo role alongside Gene Kelly in Anchors Aweigh). Unfortunately, after chasing each other since 1940 in terrific cinema shorts and cartoons on the small screen, the hapless cat (Tom) and cunning but cute mouse (Jerry) are stuck in a movie that is only notable for the fact that the two characters talk – and that isn’t even new, as it was first tried in some of their cartoons in the 1960s.

Even worse, those lifelong rivals are now (gulp) friends. Which means the cartoon violence that kids (and, let’s face it, grown-ups) watch Tom and Jerry for is pretty much absent, and instead the pair team up to help a cutesy-wutesy orphan being victimised by her guardian. What’s next? Bart Simpson deciding to run for school president? 



Little ones may find orphan Robyn’s nasty guardian a little scary.

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