Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb

Starring Russ Tamblyn, Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers. (U)


Russ Tamblyn – whom older viewers will recognise as Riff from West Side Story and Dr Jacoby in Twin Peaks – has much thigh-slapping fun as the Grimm Brothers’ Tom Thumb in this delightful family musical. Jonathan the woodcutter (Bernard Miles) and his wife wish for a son and get one who is just as tall as a thumb. And despite his size, young Tom has some big adventures, thanks to two robbers (Terry-Thomas and Sellers) who use him to steal money and then frame his parents for it.

This is decidedly sweeter than the fairy tale on which it is based, and packed with energetic dancing from Tamblyn and fun songs written by Fred Spielman and Peggy Lee. A fluffy diversion ideal for (pardon the pun) smaller viewers. 

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