Peter Pan: Return To Neverland

Peter Pan: Return To Neverland

Voices by Harriet Owen, Blayne Weaver, Corey Burton. (U)


A belated sequel to Disney’s animated Peter Pan (it only took them half a century to make it!), this joins Peter’s pal Wendy, now all grown up, as she tells her own children about Peter Pan and Neverland to give them hope during the London bombings of World War II. Her twelve-year-old daughter Jane doesn’t believe the stories, until Captain Hook, mistaking her for Wendy, kidnaps her and takes her to Neverland in order to lure Peter out to rescue her.

It’s all a rather tired retread of the original, lacking all of the first movie’s charm. Very young, undemanding viewers may not mind (and will have no trouble with the film’s brief running time), but anyone who has seen Peter Pan will just shake their heads in disbelief that there is actually a Pan film worse than Hook.

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Younger viewers may be scared by the scenes set during the Blitz in London.

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