Starring Jack Wild, Billie Hayes. (U)


Based on a US TV series that ran for just one year, Pufnstuf is a real oddity. Jack Wild (aka the Artful Dodger from Oliver!) stars as Jimmy, a young boy with a magic flute. Unfortunately, the witch Witchiepoo wants it, and there are numerous other outlandish creatures and contraptions around to help or hinder Jimmy, including Pufnstuf the dragon, a jet-powered broom, a talking boat and Nazi rats.

It’s all very trippy (well, what do you expect when the movie’s title is basically ‘Puffin’ stuff’), with most of the creatures played by puppets or men who should know better dancing in big brightly coloured costumes. As an oddity for adults, it passes the time (and features a cameo performance from singer Mama Cass) but kids will probably just roll their eyes at the sheer badness of it all. 

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Very young children may be freaked out by the sheer weirdness of it all.

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