People That Time Forgot, The

People That Time Forgot, The

Starring Doug McClure, Patrick Wayne. (PG)


A sequel to The Land That Time Forgot, this fantasy adventure starred Patrick (son of John) Wayne as Major Ben McBride, who decides to organise a mission to find his lost friend, Bowen (McClure), who has been missing for years (well, since The Land That Time Forgot!). You see, McBride received a message in a bottle from Bowen describing a strange land filled with prehistoric creatures and women in skimpy leather outfits, so naturally he wants to check it out and hopefully find his pal. Uh oh. So McBride and plucky photographer Lady Charlotte Cunningham (Sarah Douglas), plus a few expendable supporting actors, find Caprona and discover Bowen could be alive – but will they get to him before either he is sacrificed into a volcano or they are attacked by pterodactyls?

If you compare this with another 1977 sci-fi release, Star Wars (and look out for Darth Vader himself, aka Dave Prowse, as an executioner here), its special effects look, well, awful, but it’s nonetheless a rollicking fantasy adventure that should entertain (and certainly not scare) young fans of dinosaurs and prehistoric romps. 

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