Magic Pudding, The

Magic Pudding, The

Voices by Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving. (U)


The biggest animation project Australia had ever attempted, this sweet little fable is brimming over with vocal talent, from Sam Neill, Matrix star Hugo Weaving and Oscar-winning Geoffrey Rush to John Cleese (as the Magic Pudding of the title) and Toni Collette. Based on Norman Lindsay’s 1917 novel, it’s the story of a koala named Bunyip (Rush) searching for his parents, who teams up with sailor Bill (Weaving), penguin Sam (Neill) and their magic pudding Albert to find them, while nasty pudding thieves are hot on their trail.

It’s all as Australian as a kangaroo, and just as bouncy, with nicely coloured (as opposed to bright and flashy) animation based on Lindsay’s original drawings, a wholesome message (never stop believing etc) and a few fun songs.

Star Star Star


None, although some young children may find the grumpy pudding himself a bit freaky (he has legs!).

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