Magic Roundabout, The

Magic Roundabout, The

Voices by Robbie Williams, Ian McKellen. (U)


That classic teatime kids’ show (devised by Emma Thompson’s dad, fact-fans) from the sixties and seventies gets a 21st-century update with this cute movie-length version aimed at toddlers too cool for Peppa Pig and Tweenies. After Dougal accidentally releases evil Zeebad from his prison, he and his pals Ermintrude, Brian and Dylan embark on a quest away from their enchanted village to find three magic diamonds before Zeebad uses them to encase the world in ice.

Robbie Williams is terrific as the voice of Dougal, while Bill Nighy (as hippy Dylan), Ian McKellen (as Zebedee), Jim Broadbent (Brian the snail), Joanna Lumley (as singing cow Ermintrude) and Tom Baker (as the evil Zeebad) are all great – only Kylie Minogue as Florence lets the side down with an odd Aussie/Brit clipped accent. Sweet and eccentric stuff for little ones and the adults watching with them who have fond memories of the original series. 

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Little ones may find Zeebad scary.

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