The Shadow

The Shadow

Starring Alec Baldwin, Penelope Ann Miller. (12)


Based on the 1930s radio series (which was followed by a series of pulp novels), The Shadow is an odd adventure for older kids – younger ones will find the facially creepy Shadow a bit disturbing (as will fans of Alec Baldwin!) – that mixes Eastern mysticism with comic book-style action. Baldwin stars as Lamont Cranston, who has spent time in Tibet becoming all deep and meaningful, and arrives in New York ready to cloud men’s minds with his mystical powers in order to fight crime. The bad guy is Shiwan Khan (John Lone), Genghis Khan’s last remaining descendant, who wants to kill the Shadow and take over the world (‘Khan conquered half the world – my task is to finish the job,’ he says in that deep matinee movie voice only bad guys seem to have).

Beautiful to look at, if a little low on action for this type of film (although there is one great fight sequence involving mirrors), this stays true to the Shadow’s 1930s origins. It has flaws, however, such as the casting of a forgettable Miller as the sassy dame, but overall is well worth a look. 

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The film is quite dark and scary but over-11s should be fine. The Shadow himself has quite a creepy face, and there is a sense of menace throughout.

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