She's All That

She's All That

Starring Freddie Prinze Jr, Rachael Leigh Cook. (12)


A slight but enjoyable comedy, She’s All That follows popular kid Zach (Prinze) after he’s dumped by his vacuous girlfriend Taylor a few weeks before the prom. Instead of moping, Zach rises to his pal’s challenge of finding the most unlikely (i.e. ugly) girl in school and turning her into a prom queen to replace Taylor. Of course, the girl he picks, Laney (Cook), may look dowdy but she’s an absolute stunner underneath, and it doesn’t take much to turn her into a sexy babe apart from some new clothes and contact lenses.

Predictable Pygmalion-style stuff – of course Laney will find out she’s the subject of a bet and Zack will discover there’s more to life than popularity – but thanks to some likeable performances (including supporting roles for Usher, Lil’ Kim, Anna Paquin and Kieran Culkin), it’s fun nonetheless. 

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