Space Jam

Space Jam

Starring Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight. (U)


Cartoon favourites Looney Tunes (aka Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and pals) got their first feature-length movie in this mixture of live action and animation. Fans of the classic cartoons may not approve, however, as the characters look a bit more modern and lack some of the zaniness of the original shorts, but there is definitely fun to be had as the Tunes are transported to an outer-space amusement park and are forced to play a basketball game against the alien ‘Monstars’. If they win, they will be set free, but if they lose, they are doomed to stay on the planet for ever – so the Looney Tunes kidnap basketball star Michael Jordan to help them.

With cameos from basketball players (including Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing), this will appeal to young fans of the sport, while grown-ups will get a laugh or two from the performances of Bill Murray and Wayne Knight. It’s not a classic, perhaps, as many of the short Looney Tunes cartoons were, but it’s fun nonetheless, and also notable for one new character – Lola Bunny, Bugs’s love interest. Aaah. 

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Little ones may find the ‘monstars’ scary.

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