The Sure Thing

The Sure Thing

Starring John Cusack, Daphne Zuniga, Anthony Edwards. (15)


Before he made classic comedy romance When Harry Met Sally..., director Rob Reiner delivered this perfect teen comedy that is one of the funniest road trip movies and sweetest romances you're ever likely to see. 


It's the end of the semester, and college student Gib (Cusack) is tempted by old school pal Lance (Anthony Edwards) to travel across the US to Lance's college in California for the holidays. Lance, you see, has told Gib he has a 'sure thing' waiting for him – a gorgeous girl (Desperate Housewives' Nicollette Sheridan) who will sleep with Gib, no questions asked, and nothing expected afterwards. Desperate to get to California but unable to get a flight, Gib signs up to share a car ride across country, and ends up travelling with prissy Alison (Zuniga), who is heading to see her boyfriend. Things start to go wrong when the showtunes-loving  couple driving the car get tired of Gib and Alison's bickering and throw them out, and they get even worse as they start to hitchhike to LA together.


Of course, Gib and Alison do develop feelings other than hatred for each other on the journey, but their possible romance is just one enjoyable moment of many in this terrific tale. Cusack is quirky and cute as Gib, while Zuniga (now better known for TV roles in Melrose Place and One Tree Hill) is terrific as Alison, and they both deliver Steve Bloom and Jonathan Roberts' script brilliantly. A hilarious treat.

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The Sure Thing

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