Black Beauty

Black Beauty

Starring Sean Bean, David Thewlis. (U)


Anna Sewell’s classic Victorian novel about a horse has been filmed numerous times, including a 1946 version, a 1978 animated TV series and a 1971 movie with Mark Lester. The most recent is a British 1994 movie, in which Beauty himself, as voiced by Alan Cumming, relates his story as he experiences life with different owners, some mean and some kind, like the London cabbie (Thewlis) he goes to work for.

Beautifully filmed, with the most gorgeous horse you have ever seen, this has some nasty moments that may upset younger viewers, but is well worth a look if you’re a fan of the novel, or horses in general. There’s even romance as Beauty falls in love with a mare named Ginger. Aaah. 

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Young children may be upset at seeing animals mistreated, Beauty almost dying of pneumonia, and another horse dying.

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