Sammy's Great Escape

Sammy's Great Escape

Voices by Pat Carroll, Cinda Admas, Wesley Johnny. (U)



A sequel to the forgettable A Turtle’s Tale, this aquatic animated adventure for very junior viewers reunites us with turtles Sammy and his pal Ray. Now with new hatchlings Ricky and Ella in their care, the duo find themselves swept up by a poacher and transferred to a gigantic aquarium in Dubai. They plan to escape, of course, along with penguins and a lobster with a split personality that all want to return to the sea.


As with the first movie, this looks quite nice – the underwater scenes are colourful – but it has barely enough plot to keep even the most easily pleased toddler seated for an hour and a half (and yes, what plot there is moves slower than a turtle). Anyone older than five will just be reminded of better movies such as Finding Nemo and Happy Feet that this borrows from, and that they’d probably rather be watching anyway.




There is a bird attack early on in the film that very little viewers may find scary.


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